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Happy Scream VI release week guys! Today, we discover the new photoshoot Hayden was spotted doing back in late January for Women’s Health.

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It’s the fourth consecutive day of rain in Los Angeles, and Hayden Panettiere, clad in a white sweatshirt and sweatpants, is lighting candles in the guest room of her apartment before cozying up underneath a blanket. The 33-year-old actor has owned this home since she was 16 years old— one of her first big purchases after moving from New York to L.A. and landing the role of Claire on the hit NBC series Heroes.

“This is the last place my family lived all together,” she says of her parents and younger brother, Jansen. Hayden moved multiple times over the past 15 years, including relocating to Tennessee to film the TV show Nashville. But she always held on to this place.

Recently, she’s been renovating it into her personal sanctuary since returning to L.A. after a four-year hiatus from acting. “I’ve completely redone it,” she beams, looking over her shoulder at two black-and-white prints she brought back from Montreal, where she shot Scream 6. She’s particularly fond of the lighting she installed—bulbs that change color to suit your mood. Now, they’re pink and yellow for warmth. “It feels like home,” she says.

There’s no missing the symbolism: This homecoming isn’t simply about a place. For Hayden, it’s a state of mind, a return to her roots—to herself—after years of struggling with postpartum depression and substance abuse and giving up custody of her daughter, Kaya, to her ex, retired pro boxer Wladimir Klitschko.

Hayden admits she’s nervous to do a cover tied to a movie release—it’s been awhile. But she says it’s important to her.

Plus, she has decades of experience to guide her.

Hayden started work as a child actor at 4 years old. She went from roles in popular daytime soap operas to Grammy nominee before she was 10. She starred opposite Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans at 11, and at 14, she trained to race a zebra in South Africa for the movie Racing Stripes. She’s done her own stunts (in heels) and learned to ice skate like a pro. She became a prime-time television staple for most of her teens and 20s, and while other celebrities her age were out partying, she was constantly working—and her star continued to rise.

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Bonsoir à tous! À l’approche du retour de Nashville, notre Hayden Panettiere a donné une interview au website Parade. Je vous ai traduis l’article où Hayden parle de la série mais partage aussi des informations sur sa vie personnelle!

texte original | traduction: © Hayden Panettiere France

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Bonjour à tous!
Hayden Panettiere a donné une interview pour le site : Yahoo! Style pour parler de sa dépression post-partum et de Nashville. Elle a ainsi fait un photoshoot, avec le photographe Doug Inglish, qui est juste sublime. Je vous laisse donc découvrir l’article en anglais mais aussi sa traduction en français (faite par mes soins) et les photos dans la galerie.

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Bonjour à tous!
Hayden Panettiere est partie sur les plateaux de l’émission : “Live! With Kelly & Michael” le 28 septembre dernier afin de faire un peu de promotion (mais vraiment très peu) pour la saison 4 de Nashville. Lors de cette interview, Hayden s’est confiée sur son désir d’avoir d’autres enfants dans l’avenir (3 pour être précis), mais aussi sur sa grossesse et aussi sur Nashville. Il a d’ailleurs été mentionné l’absence d’Hayden dans le reboot de la série Heroes (qui l’avait fait connaître mondialement en 2006) et Hayden a avoué que même si elle aime la série, elle a évolué et elle est tellement heureuse de jouer dans Nashville.

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